9 April 2016

Apex Governor Limits (API v16.0 - v36.0)

It happened to me again - while investigating a problem for one of our clients, I noticed that the code was running on an old API - v18.0. And then I thought - "What if it's something to do with the governor limits? Damn, what was the limit, 100 or 200? Where can I find the v18.0 documentation?". Let the digging begin.

After good 10 - 15 minutes spent searching and reading, finally I managed to find the Earlier Reference Documentation which helped me recall some of the governor limits that were of interest. It's a really good place if you're looking for prehistoric documentation for whatever reason. This wasn't the first time I particularly needed the Governor Limits for a specific API version. Sometimes it can be frustrating looking through search engine results and PDFs to get to this information - unless you have these links bookmarked, or organised locally on your machine.

I was after this very same information for different API versions on quite a few occasions and I could never easily get to the documents. Also the official Developer Docs page has changed a couple of times recently and it's hard to remember where things are.

So, I decided to strip out only this piece of information from every Apex Developer's Guide. Let this be your one-stop-shop when you're after the Governor Limits for a specific API verison (16 - 36). I am bookmarking this link for future reference.

 API Version:
Version 36.0
Version 35.0
Version 34.0
Version 33.0
Version 32.0
Version 31.0
Version 30.0
Version 29.0
Version 28.0
Version 27.0
Version 26.0
Version 25.0
Version 24.0
Version 23.0
Version 22.0
Version 21.0
Version 20.0
Version 19.0
Version 18.0
Version 17.0
Version 16.0
Version 15.0
Version 14.0

It's also very interesting to compare the platform's capabilities over the course of 7 years. These very limits have helped a lot of developers, including myself to write better, more efficient code and to develop some great practices which apply not only on the platform, but also apply in may other programming languages.

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