28 February 2017

5 JavaScript Tips for Visualforce Pros

Visualforce is not going to die and we know that. Though, JavaScript will be walking all over it, so brace yourself!

It's true

Over the last few years we've seen an exponential growth of JavaScript code lurking throughout Visualforce Pages, Sidebar Components (do you remember those hacks?), even end-to-end applications built with minimal use of the native stuff of the platform. With the announcement of the #Lightning Experience, more and more developers became eager to learn JavaScript in order to move forward. Let's be honest (and I don't care how much you hate it), but JavaScript is the future, at least for a little while. Having said that, if you're writing code, any kind of code, on any platform, it's kind of essential to know at least a little bit of JavaScript. It's literally everywhere on the web, and it does come handy in your day-to-day tasks (like selecting all check-boxes in the profile settings page :) ).