13 December 2014

Home Automation with Pebble and Arduino

This is part 2 of the previous post - Home Automation with Salesforce1 and Arduino, although this time I decided to make my life even easier and shift all the functionality to my Pebble watch. It's a perfect use case that fits in my every day life:

I can't use my phone while driving, but I can use my smart watch, which results with not carrying 2 extra remotes out of my house (also my pockets aren't full). Before I'm even close to my house I've already turned the alarm off and opened the garage, as well as turned the lights on inside the house. Also for the lazy days when I want to turn the lights on, I just reach out to my wrist and viola! [That moment when you don't want to move from the couch]

For the power plugs I used RF remote switches ($25 from ebay) and I used the same technique as per the previous post in order to find the remote's RF code for each of the plugs.

Again I've used PubNub for push notifications and thanks to the new CloudPebble IDE, it literally took me 15 minutes to write the Pebble app. Surprised it took me that quick? Try out the Pebble Javascript Framework Pebble.js and wonder no more. Here is the source code for the app:

And this is the live demo:

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